See the below frequently asked questions that will help guide you through our process.

We will ask you about your company and research your company to  provide us the relevant  web site, brochures, letters, copy yellow page ad, newspaper ad or radio copy you want to announce. We will produce a full script that will be e-mailed to you for approval before recording and production and we can even consult with you over the phone to gather ideas for your message.

We are happy to work with you and help you create something you will be proud to showcase to your customers. We can also send you some questions which  would help your business stand out from the crowd and get across any key messages. We have lots of experience in making words come to life, if you want the voice over artist to emphasise keywords then we can go into such detail to ensure you get a production that you are truly happy with after all it is your business.

At Intrinsic Audio we are proud to showcase our work to show you the quality of what we offer.
Before you make a decision to use our services you can go to the home page of our website and click on the link- ‘Intrinsic Audio sample production’ to hear the quality of our production. This is quickest and easiest way to listen to what we can do for your business and you can decide for yourself if you think we are good enough to make a bespoke production to go on to your company phone system.
If you have a PBX Telephone system or a fixed VoIP system or softphone you can have messaging on hold.  We will ask for the make and model of your phone system  to ensure that your equipment is compatible with our messaging on hold service.  Some of our customers use soft phones on their mobile devices & tablets  and make their calls over the internet. We can liaise with your telephone provider or maintenance provider to help you get your production on your phone system and for this, in most cases we may need to gain authority from yourself. You may need to confirm approval of this via email to give us temporary authority in order to ask questions but not make any changes without your permission. This is to ensure that the file formats  we are sending over match your phone system capability and that you can get the most and best out of the productions you rent from us.
Every project is different and we aim to produce specific tailor made audio for you that will suit your company’s needs. This will determine the rental agreement price which will also allow you to have a number of changes throughout the financial year. We can discuss your requirements over the phone and build you a bespoke price you will be happy with.

You can add welcome messaging , auto attendants , message on hold or even out of hours.

If you have more than one site the rental agreement only covers one site at a time.

Intrinsic Audio own the licensing rights to all the productions delivered to companies.

Therefore, every site will need a separate rental agreement and will be valid for 12 months.

This can be paid monthly via direct debit or we can take payment upfront for the whole year which ever you prefer we can arrange to suit you.

On hold messaging can be for any business that takes calls and places them on hold.

Even if you are a small business, on hold messaging can benefit you and make you sound professional, it can make you sound bigger than you are. As a small business, we understand it is more important than ever to give a great service and make the customers experience a good one.

Depending on what phone system you are using we will either :

Suggest an on hold Media device player which we will store the production on a USB format that will go into the back of your device player, this will then plug into the back of  your PBX main console unit  (usually labelled MOH).


If you are using a VoIP – Voice over IP phone system or soft phone, we will send you a file format

You can upload this on to your phone system platform online or we can speak to your maintenance provider to help you with this.

Intrinsic Audio prides itself on creating a bespoke production you are sure to be happy with.

We promise to work closely with you in order to engage you in the creation of your production after all our business is your business. You will be able to choose from a range of genres and different styles of voices that will match your brand image to suit your marketing campaign.

Intrinsic Audio will discuss your requirements and give you music genres to choose from to suit the style of your business and your brand. The same applies for voice over artists, whatever your project is we can try and tailor your production to your specific needs. For example, you may need a regional voice to target local customers or a posh voice to aim at your higher-end customers and that which also matches the product or brand you are trying to promote. You may even want your production in a different language if you have an office outside of the United Kingdom and we will aim to deliver a production you can be truly proud of which will be perfect for you brand and business.

Once you have chosen a package that will suit you, Intrinsic Audio will send you an electronic contract to sign, this will formalise the agreement and the package chosen by your company. This is called the Intrinsic Audio rental agreement and once signed we will then work closely with your company to create your bespoke audio production. All our productions are project managed end to end as these services are all part of the ongoing rental agreement. We are only a phone call or an email away from helping you with anything you need.
To manage expectations, we aim to get your production on to your phone system as quickly as possible. We aim to 10-15 days, we give a lead time in extremely busy periods and this can be up to six to eight weeks. We will advise you on how long your production will take.

Turnaround time is typically within 3-5 working days from placing your order.

If, for whatever reason we foresee a delay with your project we will inform you immediately. It is very rare that we need to exceed our 3-5 day turnaround but it can happen in cases where voice overs may have holidays booked or have a cold for example.

We will always try and go above and beyond as we are heavily focused on offering a great service to you.

At Intrinsic Audio, we understand that businesses change all the time, so we have put together packages that will suit your business. Most businesses we work with like to change their message every quarter, whereas some businesses we work with only have a few changes. We can help you choose the package that is right for your business and your budget.

Your changes could involve a change in voice or music and we will work closely with you to give you something you feel comfortable with when you place your customers on hold. We usually advise around 6/7 prompts for the voice over artist to deliver your message or promotion for your bespoke production. Intrinsic Audio understand business as the owner of our company has had many years of experience in architecting the right solution for businesses across the world.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us and we will be happy to help.

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