Bespoke branding audio solutions

On hold messaging (OHM)

Intrinsic Audio showcases a highly talented team of voice over artists who have experience with on hold messaging this is the perfect chance to get your company message across when you place your customers on hold. Your company is live on air, use this as an opportunity to tell them anything you like. We will produce something that will be tailor made to suit your business and will help deliver those key messages to your customers.

Out of hours

Intrinsic Audio can create you an Out of hours message for your phone system, so you can tell your customers anything you want, opening times, closing times, emergency contact number, divert them to your website or your social media sites. Take control of your customers and don’t lose business.

Welcome message and auto attendants

Welcome messages & auto attendants are the window to your company.
Sound more professional. Auto attendants are the window to your company. This is where first impressions count and in today’s world you don’t get that second chance. We help guide your customers easily and improve there caller experience with your company so they do business with you time and time again, time wasted is time lost and in business time is money we help your customers get to the right department quicker and we make you sound good doing it too.

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